EKHO 3D Demo Reel Spring 2021

EKHO 3D Demo Reel Spring 2021



My name is Eric K. Ho and I'm a visual effects artist and 3D animator.  With a background in business management and marketing I made the jump to VFX to satiate a desire for more creativity.  Having a keen eye for art, a desire to create, and technical expertise I found VFX to be the perfect combination of them all.  I have worked on commercials, television shows, feature films, and award-winning indie short films.  

I hope to never stop learning and to never stop creating.

A True Films on Tapper - Episode 4- Eric Ho

A True Films on Tapper - Episode 4- Eric Ho

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Industry Involvement

Adjunct Instructor - Video Art 3105 and Animation 3103                                 2018-present

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Adjunct Instructor - Multimedia Design 1 and Multimedia Design 2                    2016-2018

Winthrop University

Board of Advisors                                                                                                 2015-2020

Carolina Film Community

Board of Advisors                                                                                                 2017-2018

Applied Technology Center - Department of Digital Art and Design

Rock Hill, SC


Panel Speaker                                                                                                               2015

9th Annual Digital Film People

Central Piedmont Community College


Guest Speaker/Lecturer - Digital Film 1                                                               2014-2015 

Central Piedmont Community College             

Accolades and Publications

Best Special Effects                                                                                                       2016

Charlotte 48 Hour Film Project

"A True Films on Tapper - Episode 4"                                                                             2015

Films on Tap

Best Special Effects                                                                                                       2015

Charlotte 48 Hour Film Project

Top 30 Under 30 Future Leaders of Charlotte                                                                2015 Elevate Lifestyle Magazine

Podcast Interview                                                                                                           2015

Carolina Film Community 


"What It's Like to Work for Hollywood From Home"                                                        2015

Charlotte Five                         



Eric K. Ho

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